Mason Seifert

is a Milwaukee-based real estate photographer specializing in commercial and residential spaces as well as architecture and landscape photography.

mason a seifert
Mason A Seifert drone aerial photography

Real Estate Photographer

Mason is a photo listing specialist! He has a deep understanding of real estate photography. He is passionate about creating stories through his images, weather it’s in a small house or a beautiful lake house property. Each of Mason’s images is meticulously crafted with an expert attention to detail. 

Attention to Details

In addition to his camera skills, his great attitude and calming demeanor will make any homeowner feel at ease.

When you hire Mason for local, or national assignment, you know he will be personally invested in you and your project. 

photography by Mason Seifert

Get in Touch Today!

If you would like to discuss a project, please call 262-443-4243 or write at

Mason Seifert

real estate walk-through video by Mason Seifert