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Understanding Pricing and Packaging in Real Estate Photography

A real estate agent has only 1 chance to make a first impression with their photos. Make your properties stand out with high-quality photos. Beautiful photos taken by a professional real estate photographer will sell your properties faster and for a good price. That is why you need more knowledge about pricing real estate photography.

So, how much does a real estate photographer cost? Keep reading to learn more. If you are hiring a professional, have in mind that you will be paying for their quality work, equipment and time.

Real Estate Photography Prices

Real estate photography prices vary depending on various factors. Price will depend on the location of the property, type of shoot, and if you need aerial photography or 3D tour, size of the property, preparation of the property, number of photos and photo quality.

Photographers can charge per photo or per day. Professional real estate photography cost from $80 and above depending on the factors mentioned above. The cost includes the required editing and other post production work.

Real estate photography involves driving to the shooting location and requires delivery of certain number of photos. No doubt, the more photos delivered, the more time it will take to shoot and the price will increase.

Make sure you include this in your pricing.

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Factors to Consider in Setting Prices and Packages of Real Estate Photography

Driving Distance to Shooting Location

Driving to the shooting location can cost a photographer a significant amount of money. If the driving distance is long, you will incur high gas costs and this can be your biggest expense.

Experience of a Real Estate Photographer

Real estate photographers are paid according to their skills and experience. Experienced photographers produce some of the impressive and eye grabbing photos needed for real estate marketing.

It is therefore wise to invest in a professional photographer who will take your real estate business to the next level. Experienced real estate photographer cost more than amateur photographers.

Professional photography requires creativity, precision, presenting the property in its best light and planning around many conditions that may arise like bad weather, to name a few.

In order to stay ahead of the pack in the real estate business, hire a professional photographer. The cost of hiring one is higher but it is definitely worth it.

Type of Shooting

The type of shooting can highly influence the cost of real estate photography. For example, aerial and luxury photography are more expensive compared to standard photography.

Aerial Real Estate Photography

Mason A Seifert aerial real estate photographer

Giving your potential home buyers a bird’s eye view of your home will arouse interest. Aerial photography shows off your entire home. It is easy to see a beautifully landscaped garden and helicopter view angles of the property with its surrounding area.

By use of aerial photography, this will definitely set your home apart from other properties listed. Drone photos create virtual tours of the surrounding area and a customer can tell if it’s a leafy or industrial.

The price of Drone real estate photography starts at $150 an hour.

Luxury Real Estate Photography

Luxury photographer is pricy compared to standard photography because it uses the technique of advanced HDR (High Dynamic Range). This technique produces high quality, clear photos with vibrant colors.

It requires extra work in shooting and editing. If you want the very best, ask luxury photography.

Numbers of Photos

Some professional photographers charge per photo instead per hour. This gives their customers the opportunity to present a shot list with photos they deem necessary. As a real estate photographer, ask your agent for guidance in order to capture the best photos of the property.

The more real estate photos you will need, the more you will pay. Make sure you agree on a price with your photographer before hiring him or her, and get the contract signed right away.

Our Real Estate Photography Packages

As a professional real estate photographer, you need to understand pricing and packaging in order to make money with your work instead of losing it. The following packages are based on your efforts, number of photos and time. Price the photos to cover your production costs such as cost of materials, labor, and overhead. Total cost plus desired profit should be your final sale price.

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If your customer wants prints, you should consider the cost of printing photos. There are also costs associated with digital files such as hard drives and other digital space.

Listing Photos Only

The price of this package is $85

  • This is a basic package with photos of interior and exterior
  • Have high-quality photos
  • Has photo editing
  • Has 24 hour turnround

Listing Photos Plus

This package costs $201

  • Have high-quality photos of interior and exterior.
  • 1-minute video flyover of the exterior of the property is included
  • It includes photo editing
  • Has 24 hour turnaround
  • Aerial photos of the exterior of the property are included

Super Home Seller Kit

This package costs $301

  • Have high quality photos of interior and exterior.
  • Includes photo editing
  • Has video walk through (indoor)
  • Has 24 hour turnaround
  • Print and digital photos are both included
  • Aerial photos are included
  • 1 minute video flyover (exterior) is included