how to choose a wedding photographer

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

With all the excitement that comes with planning for your special day, the day arrives and passes like the blink of an eye. Therefore, you should savor each moment. No doubt, you will want to remember the day for the rest of your life.

This is where a wedding photography expert comes in. A wedding photographer will capture your special day and create the wedding album you have always wanted.

So grab a pen and notebook and check out these tips for choosing the perfect wedding photographer. This guide will inform not just potential customers but photographers as well.

Choose a Wedding Style before Booking a Wedding Photographer

There are tons of great wedding photographers each with a unique style. Take some time to learn about the different styles and pick the one that will suit your needs.

The main wedding photography styles include the following;

  • Traditional wedding photography
  • Photojournalistic wedding photography
  • Artistic wedding photography
  • Fashion wedding photography
  • Aerial wedding photography

I am a photographer and have a lot of experience with other wedding photographers regarding their styles. Wedding photographers love it when their clients inform the style that appeals them so they can plan early.

I firmly believe in getting the right wedding photographer to deliver the best photos. Depending on the wedding photography style requested, a professional photographer will know how to achieve the perfect shot.

A creative photo shoot always results in the most breathtaking photographs.

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A Wedding Photographer Cost

When it comes to wedding photographers, they are a bit expensive but worth it. Memories are irreplaceable hence consider hiring a wedding photographer a worthy investment.

The average cost of hiring a wedding photographer is $2000. Majority of wedding photographers charge from $1000 to over $3000. What is your budget? Your budget will determine the type of photographer you will get.

A quality photographer will cost you more. Here are other factors that will determine the price and terms of the contract.

  • How many hours you want the shooting
  • ocation of your wedding
  • What you want to be included in your photography styles. Some styles are more costly like aerial wedding photography.

If you have a tight budget, fear not as there are tricks you can make use of to save on the cost of hiring a wedding photographer.

  • Book your wedding photographer early. Late bookings will cost you a great deal
  • Hire local to minimize on travel fees

Your potential wedding photographer should be transparent about his or her pricing structure and in turn, you should be honest on your budget. Both should be honest from the beginning to avoid wasting time.

Ensure you ask for hidden charges like editing, artwork for an album or travel expenses. In your quotation, make sure all costs are included before signing an agreement.

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Lastly, go for a wedding photographer that has a variety of packages to select the one that suits your needs.

Examine the Portfolio

How will you determine whether someone is an excellent photographer? You will know someone is professional by examining their portfolio. Take time to look through their portfolio including their social media, website, and albums.

For a good reason, your potential photographers will show their best photos, from different weddings to impress you. Ask to see 2 or 3 complete albums to figure out their wedding photography styles and if they are good at what they do.

You will be on the right track when you find photos are so good and stunning. Don’t forget to look for emotional connection in photography work.

Also, email, call and even meet with your potential photographer to build a rapport with him or her. The couple and the wedding photographer will need to feel comfortable with each other since he or she will participate in the wedding.

Recommendation for a Wedding Photographer

A lot of bookings have come from my previous clients through word of mouth. If clients were satisfied with the quality of the service I provided, they usually recommend me to their friends who are about to wed.

“We can’t thank you enough for your amazing photos; you worked so hard all day and made us feel so relaxed”, said one of my clients.

If your friends were happy with the shooting of a particular wedding photographer, chances are, you will be too. Talk to your friends about the experience they had with the photographer.

Every photographer has their strength and weakness. Some are good at taking stunning photos while others are super fast in the delivery of photos. It is through recommendation you can learn their weakness and strengths.

I have observed the following in some wedding photographers. Some photographers:

  • Are good time managers
  • Are slightly social awkward
  • Are slow delivers of photos
  • Have excellent client communication
  • Don’t take direction well

The trick is to accept what will work for you. Some could care less about wedding photographers delivering photos late but has to follow instructions and provide high-quality photos.

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Create a Shortlist of Wedding Photographers

Once you have examined the portfolio of potential photographers, it is time to have a manageable number depending on your wedding photography needs.

Arrange for an interview and ask what you consider essential for you too. Have a list of questions to ask to get the perfect photographer for your wedding day.

You can either visit the photographers in their studio for an interview or invite them to your home. Don’t forget to take a lot of notes during the meeting so you can reference them later.

Try to learn their technical skills, personality, and even their wedding photography style. You can achieve this by asking how many weddings they have shot, how they interact with guests and which wedding photography style they are good at.

If you have particular shooting or editorial requirements, explain these to the wedding photographers you have shortlisted so they can understand them fully.

Finally, based on the factors discussed above and your interview notes, choose the best wedding photographer that will make sure the coverage of your day will be smoother and more successful.