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Importance of Staging for Real Estate Photography

The first impression of a property is important. Most commonly, that first impression comes from photos by a real estate photographer online.

That’s why I believe in the importance of staging a property for real estate photography. Breathtaking photos of a home are the foundation of online marketing. Great shots of a home’s interior and exterior will draw in many could be buyers.

Most of the window shopping is done online so a real estate site has few seconds to please a customer before they move to the next listing.

Take Breath Taking Photographs

The goal of staging is to make a place look stunning, well lit, colorful and well maintained. A home that has been tidied up and looks stunning produces impressive photos. The properties that have been staged have professional decor, look spacious and bright tend to sell quickest.

Houses with clutter, bare walls, and poorly lit conditions cannot produce quality photos. Sometimes real estate agents stage each room of a home before taking pictures. They charge a little money to make sure the whole home sparkles.

The area of focus is decor, color, and can add a few items like modern shower curtains, soap stand; beautiful towels just to give a home a new and fresh look.

To Inspire a Potential Home Buyer to Buy a Property

Your real estate photos matters than ever in attracting new clients. A real estate website with professional and extremely beautiful photos results in more bookings and sales.

This is the opposite of blurred photos of dark homes, not tidied up and often taken with a mobile phone. To achieve this, consider doing the following;

  • Know what to put as accessories on bookshelves, dining table etc in order to take stunning photos
  • Know the decor updates to do
  • Have the best furniture layout
importance of staging a home for sale

Crummy photos can turn clients away from a decent house hence a real estate photographer should spend enough time with a seller while staging the house. If you have a tight budget, fear not as there are tons of real estate photographers that take pride in providing high quality edited images that are useful for marketing.

Photo shooting includes both interior and exterior of a home. When hiring a real estate photographer, make sure they create an authentic representation of your place.

The photos can be uploaded in social media, your real estate website and even real estate magazines.

Increases the Value of a Property

Without a doubt, good videos and photos of a property speak a thousand words. This is as a result of making the home look amazing prior to the photography session. To make sure the property or home is properly staged, do the following;

  • Thoroughly clean whole house. Mop all floors, vacuum all carpets, clean all windows and dust all countertops and furniture.
  • Clean and clear countertops of the kitchen
  • Make all beds
  • Replace old and heavy curtains with stylish curtains that let in light
  • Remove clutter. They include holiday decorations, clothes on furniture, old bills.
  • Install lamps that will bring comforting light. Make sure you have enough light that is needed for photography. Under-cabinet lighting and lamps will give extra lighting. If you are shooting in the daytime, natural light is the best.
  • Update Decor. Repaint all the rooms and bring more stylish and attractive accessories. This will improve the attractiveness of the place.
  • If possible, grab some fresh flowers and place them in the living room etc. Flowers will add color and color and they give a sign of a well-kept home.
  • Pack away things that you will not use over the next few weeks
  • Fix broken things like cracked window panes, broken doorknobs, to name a few. Fixing broken items will make your home look maintained properly.
  • Place all shoes in closets
  • Remove family photographs and replace them with general photos. Personal effects that show the current owner’s life should be removed.
  • Close garage doors. Park your car in the garage. Your car should not appear in the photos because you are selling your home, not your car.
  • Mow, trim shrubs if needed
  • Remove objects like toys on the yard
  • Clean porch and pool
  • Remove visible cleaner hose and trash cans

Good looking photos are the key to selling a home at a higher price and even selling to a customer of your choice. Currently, buyers ready to move houses don’t mind paying extra for a great first impression.

Mason A Seifert aerial drone photography

Leads to Growth of a Real Estate Business

Gone are the days of checking properties from magazines and newspapers. Buyers are looking on the internet first. It is therefore important that you have a strong online presence with attractive photos and engaging content.

Houses that have been staged have photos that are appealing to potential buyers. This brings more customers and leads to the growth of a real estate business. Staging sets your properties apart from others and without a doubt a real estate business will pick up with some stunning photos.

As an agent, your properties will even attract more sellers because they are impressed by your work. Best of all, the artistic work will make the properties inviting, thus fetching a higher price.

Make a good choice and prepare your home or property for real estate photography. Next is to hire a professional photographer. Do not be tempted to take the photos on your own because it is more than just standing behind the camera and taking the pics.

Final Tips on Photographing your Home

  • When taking photos of your staged home interior, use natural light. Open all curtains
  • To avoid blurred images, use a tripod
  • Make sure everything is tasteful before taking photos
  • Be creative, create a spa like bathroom, placing a porch swing outside. It is good to show your potential buyers they can have fun in your home.
  • Bring table lamp to fill corner spaces that natural light cannot reach
  • Don’t photograph empty rooms

Sometimes the budget doesn’t always allow for the use of a professional, or perhaps you are just starting out. Either way, it never hurt to know a few tips and tricks to help you along your way. As always, good luck with the sale.