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Understanding the Wedding Photography Contract

Do you need a wedding photography contract? Yes, a contract is needed to protect the people that signed it; the wedding photographer and the clients.

A skillful drafted agreement will outline the expectations of the clients, decrease the possibility of a lawsuit, save the reputation of a wedding photographer, increase the confidence of the clients and make sure both parties remembers everything.

To ensure everything runs smoothly on the wedding day, I have some crucial items that wedding photographers nneed to know before they draft a contract.

Reasons to Sign a Wedding Photography Contract

Outline the Expectations of their Clients

A wedding photographer contract has the required photos that must be captured by the photographer. In a nutshell, the photographer should capture important moments before, during and after the ceremony.

They include photo shots of the bride and groom having fun while preparing, bridal party heading to church, bride walking down the aisle, the couple exchanging vows, exchange of the rings, cake cutting photos, couple signing the marriage certificate, to name a few.

The contract will help the photographer to have the needed shot list in order to satisfy the requirements of his or her clients.

Decrease the Possibility of a Lawsuit

A contract is a powerful tool of protection for both the client and the wedding photographer. Signing the contract by both parties means everybody is satisfied by its terms and this decrease the possibility of misunderstanding.

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Be smart and guard yourself against potential lawsuits by signing a contract. Ensure you follow all the working details of your clients in order to satisfy their photography needs.

Save the Reputation of a Wedding Photographer

The contract guarantees that your clients will not leave a negative feedback that can ruin your reputation as a wedding photographer.

Bad feedback has the potential of damaging your business, hence make sure you deliver high quality photos.

Increase the Confidence of the Clients

By signing a contract, you guarantee that you will deliver stunning photos that your clients want and this will boost their confidence in you. In fact, they will be confident that they are dealing with a professional after seeing the items included in the wedding photography contract.

It is with no doubt that your clients will trust you more when they see your efforts of ensuring you deliver breath taking photographs.

Items Included in the Wedding Photography Contract

  • Full names of the bride, groom, the wedding photographer and address
  • Deposit, cost and payment terms
  • Signatures and contact information
  • Details of the day
  • Wedding photographer cancellation terms
  • Client Cancellation terms
  • Photography Package Details
  • Completion and delivery

Full Names and Contact Information

A wedding photography contract should have full names of the bride, groom and the photographer. Contact information is mandatory for both parties and should include emails, phone number and address.

Deposit, Cost, and Payment Terms

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A deposit is a sign that the Soon-to-be married couple is interested in your photography work. A deposit allows clients to protect their booking. In the wedding photography contract, indicate the deposit amount, amount remaining and when it should be paid.

Deposit can be 10% to 50% of the total fee listed in the contract. You have the golden opportunity of securing the time and services of a professional photographer with a deposit. In the contract, you can indicate whether the deposit is refundable or transferable in the event of cancellation.

In the contract, do not forget to indicate the full amount of money that you will pay your wedding photographer.


A contract is law abiding when is signed by both parties. It should contain signatures of the bride, groom and the wedding photographer. A couple signing the contract indicates that they are fully satisfied with terms and conditions in the contract.

Make sure both parties have a copy of the contract for reference at a later date. A wedding photographer signing the contract indicates that he or she is committed to fulfill the stipulated photography responsibilities. Some photographer can go an extra mile to make sure their clients are extremely happy with their photos.

A contract will give you peace of mind and give wonderful memories of your special day.

Details of the Day

In order to plan earlier for the day, a wedding photographer should have details of the wedding day and these can be included in the contract. They include date, time, venue and reception of the wedding.

Having a clear outline will enable a photographer to plan travel times to location of the wedding ceremony and reception.

Wedding Photographer Cancellation Terms

Due to unforeseen circumstances, a wedding photographer can cancel a booking. In that case, inform your clients what will happen if you become ill or unable to take their work.

In most cases, photographers refund 100% of their clients’ deposit and find a professional wedding photographer to shoot in their place. In the contract, indicate the alternatives that you will give if you are not there.

Client Cancellation Terms

In the event you must cancel your wedding, you might not be entitled to a full refund. Indicate in the contract when you can cancel your booking and under which conditions you are entitled for a refund.

How do I choose a wedding photographer

The wedding photographer should indicate cancelling fees in the contract. Due to unpredictable circumstances, you might be forced to change your wedding date so don’t be afraid to talk to your photographer.

Photography Package Details

Your wedding photography contract should have all the full details of your wedding package. There should be complete details of cost of your photos, how many photographers will be present on your special day and how you will receive the photograph; in print or digital form.

Indicate in the contract if you will have full official copyright for your photos. You should be granted permission to reproduce or distribute your own photographs. Make sure you have this written down in the contract. Let your wedding photography contract state clearly what you can do with your photos.