Wedding Photography Shot List

Wedding Poses for Pictures

Get exclusive wedding photography tips here! A wedding photography shot list is a must-have for a photographer to have a smoother and successful day.

As a couple who is looking forward to getting married, it is useful to give your wedding photographer a shot list to capture all your important photos. Make sure all the photos that you don’t want to be missed are noted down plus the location they will be taken.

To make things even easier for you, I have prepared a free wedding photography shot list to help with preparation for your big day.

Getting Ready Wedding Photography Shot List

Most weddings don’t officially start until after 11 am hence consider having some shots taken while preparing. When getting ready, you will have a mixture of emotions waiting to walk down the aisle to marry the man or the woman of your dreams.

Have your photographer snap images of you when preparing.


  • Have photo shots of your hair and makeup done
  • Photos of your wedding dress on a hanger
  • Pictures of close up of dress details
  • Photos of when putting your wedding dress
  • Maid of honor lacing the dress
  • The bridal party having fun while preparing
  • Close up of bride holding bouquet
  • All bridesmaids admiring the bride

Before the bride gets ready, take several shots of the wedding dress. Look for a scenic spot in her home or hotel and take photos but do not forget that the groom is not supposed to see the dress.

Other getting ready shots you can consider taking include bride putting shoes, being zipped into her dress by her mum and putting on the garter.

When photographing the bride, remember to experiment with a variety of poses. Include full length, back of the dress and close-ups. You can include a flower girl and bridesmaid in a group photo with the bride.


It is also important to take photos of the groom and groomsmen getting ready. Take fabulous photos such as groom putting the tie on etc.

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  • Capture groom crucial items such as suit hanging
  • Take photos of the Groom putting the tie on
  • Groom shaving, hair preparation
  • Father of the groom helping put a suit
  • Putting on fragrance
  • Groom with the best man
  • Putting shoes on

Get some full length and close-ups creative shots of the groom. Photograph the groom with his groomsmen as a group.

Bear in mind that the couple put months of work to prepare for their special day. It is therefore crucial that you take photos of the smaller details of the day. They include items worn by the bride or groom. These are critical details that help people choose your services.

  • The Veil
  • The getaway car
  • The Bride and Groom’s shoes
  • The bouquet
  • The rings
  • The Boutonniere

No doubt the family of both the bride and the groom will have played a key role in their wedding preparation. Before the wedding ceremony, arrange a few family shots taken as a way of showing appreciation for all the time and effort they have given to the bride and groom.


Most probably the wedding transport will be hired and will cost a fair bit of money. As a wedding photographer, make sure to have the transport photographed. Take both bride and grooms heading to church or wedding location.

You can include the bride looking out window photo.

The Ceremony Wedding Photography Shot List

There are essential moments worth capturing in the ceremony. There will be your best friends and family, important people in your life that have shown their love by being on your side in your special day.

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As a wedding photographer, it is essential to capture the love and central moments in the wedding ceremony. First of all, take exterior and interior photos of the wedding location with feelings of excited anticipation in the room.

  • Wedding party and family walking down the aisle
  • The bride and family walking down the aisle should be in your wedding photography shot list
  • Take the photo of the groom waiting at the altar
  • Take altar photos and the person doing the readings
  • The reaction of the groom and people when the bride makes her big entrance
  • Bride’s parents giving her away
  • The official person performing at the wedding ceremony
  • Bride and groom exchanging vows
  • Exchange of the rings
  • The lighting of the unity candle
  • Have a photo of the first kiss as a married couple
  • First dance
  • Cake cutting
  • Couple signing the marriage certificate
  • The musicians playing should be in your wedding photography shot list
  • The couple greeting the crowd
  • Couple walking back down the aisle
  • Confetti throwing
  • Have Bride and groom photo greeting guests outside the wedding location
  • The couple leaving the wedding location

Some special moments in the wedding ceremony like the bride walking down the aisle, vows and rings exchange, first kiss and signing the marriage certificate must be in the wedding photography shot list. Be sure to add all of these must have wedding day shots to your photographer’s checklist as well.

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They are moments that are full of emotions for the bride and the groom so have your wedding photographer capture them to make them last a lifetime.

It becomes official when the couple signs a marriage certificate so have your wedding photographer take a clear shot of you and your witnesses.

As a wedding photographer, don’t forget to include details such as table decorations, speeches, and toast.

The couple and their family spend a lot of time planning for their wedding so add all details in your wedding photography shot list. The speeches are mostly emotional or comical so have those included too.

The first dance is a crucial moment that needs to be remembered by the bride and groom for years to come so have this in your list.

Post Ceremony

All couples set aside ample time for photography after the ceremony. The shot list of post-wedding ceremony includes the following;

  • Photos of the couple alone
  • Bride and groom with bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Couple with family
  • Bride and groom with their best friends
  • Bride and groom with other guests

As a couple, make sure all crucial moments are included in your wedding photography shot list to remember them forever.