wedding photography styles

Wedding Photography Styles

What are the most sought wedding photography styles? They include traditional/classical wedding photography, beautiful art/artistic/illustrative wedding photography, fashion wedding photography, portrait wedding photography and many more.

Be smart, a successful photo shoot should be well prepared. Before preparing for it, ask your customers the photography style they would like.

As a photographer, I love sticking to 1 photography style or combine several of them depending on my customers.

The style that you will follow should make the photo shoot memorable and fun. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the wedding photography style that will suit your needs best.

Traditional or Classical Wedding Photography Style

Booking a wedding photographer is one of the requirements for your big day. There are a variety of factors that will determine your choice. For example, if you love traditional shots, consider having a traditional or classical wedding photography style.

This style has traditional posed photos, such as the couple with its family, pictures of the cake cutting and first kiss of the couple as husband and wife. This style has been there for decades.

Traditional wedding photography style requires the photographer to be in charge to guide the posing for photos. It is therefore crucial that he or she has experience beforehand to make the shooting successful and take charge.

The photographer focuses on the central moment of the occasion, and they include putting on rings, signing the wedding certificate, walking down the aisle, first kiss and dance.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

This is a popular wedding photography style that tends to be followed by many photographers. This style involves reportage in which the photographer takes photos to tell the story of the day.

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A lot of creativity and skills are required for this photojournalistic wedding photography style. You need to aim and shoot as moments unfold to tell the story. The results will be real and natural photos that will stir up a lot of emotions.

There will be so many photos capturing the unique moments of your wedding. Don’t expect made up poses with this style because every photo is either random or unpredictable. It takes a more informal approach, unlike in traditional photography where the photographers give instructions on how to pose.

The photos will be full of drama since the photographer will be recording all crucial events but not stage them.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine art wedding photography is a unique style that incorporates a lot of art in the photos. It stands out because of its soft focus, colors, and use of light. There is a lot of creativity and skills to prepare beautifully and dream like photos.

Many couples choose this wedding photography style because it is modern, stylish and will create images that will make you stand out. The fine art wedding photographer will require the knowledge of landscape photography as well as aerial photography.

Apart from knowing the landscape and aerial photography, the photographer should be alert on the moments where he or she can use fine art techniques. Posing is not required because the shooter may slightly alter the position of some items to achieve the desired art in the photos.

Fashion Wedding Photography

This is a wedding photography that focuses on showing off fashion style of the couple for personal or commercial purposes. It entails on lighting setups, beautiful backgrounds, and cool poses.

As a photographer, you have the chance of being creative with your shots while the couple has the opportunity to be models for a day. Sounds exciting, right?

Research for similar photos in fashion magazines in order to learn a few tricks. To be successful in this wedding photography style, make sure the couple looks stylish and glorious on their special day.

Let us face it; fashion photography is everywhere. You will see a lot of couples showcasing their wedding clothes, foot wear, and venue.

In this fashion wedding photography style, hair, clothing, makeup and the location will be more essential than the camera takes the shots. However, ensure you have a professional camera and other photographer’s tools for your photo shooting work.

I am an expert when it comes to planning a fashion wedding photo shoot. From start to finish, I make use of tricks such as outsourcing the best stylish outfits and accessories that will match the story. After sorting out the fashion, I bring in a professional hair and makeup artist.

Hair and makeup make a big difference in fashion wedding photography. They bring out your fashion style very well. Other essential items in my list include selecting the perfect location and having a professional camera.

Aerial Wedding Photography

If you are aspiring to be a modern wedding photographer, it will be very important to keep up with the latest photo shoot trends. It requires more equipment like a drone and no doubt, it is an affordable wedding photography style.

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This style is best suited for showing wedding venues with beautiful landscapes. Best of all, the photos from a bird’s eye view combined with breathtaking landscapes make the photos tremendous and exciting.

Drones take great videos and photos, and they are worth every penny because this is your special day. Safety should be relevant when you decide to hire a drone. The drone operator should be a trained professional to avoid accidents.

The drone pilot should coordinate with the venue managers and wedding photographers to deliver the photos needed. A wedding only happens once hence pictures should come out the best.

Are you planning to tie the knot in a stunning location? It will be so cool going through your photos ten years later and seeing the stunning aerial snapshot of your location.

As a photographer, you can get creative with a drone. You can organize the guests in a funny way or have them spell out words. The venue, surrounding landscapes and guests can all be taken in 1 shot in aerial wedding photography.