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Real Estate Photography Tips

A photo of a house speaks a thousand words hence real estate photography is not a job to be taken lightly.

You are therefore required to prepare sufficiently for a photo shoot. Believe it or not, high quality and good looking photos attract new customers.

With the real estate photography tips given here, you will shoot stunning photos. Keep reading to learn how.

Have a Shot List of the Property

Knowing what to shoot in the house is a crucial tip every real estate photographer should have. By noting this, you will achieve the numbers of photos that your clients want. The photo shot list guides a photographer while in the property.

Here is an example of a real estate photography shot list;

  • 1 photo of the bathroom
  • Guest bathroom
  • 1 close up photo of the kitchen
  • 2 wide angle photos of each bedroom
  • 1 wide angle shot of the living room
  • Front exterior, 1 from an angle
  • 1 close up photo of back exterior to show backyard
  • 1 shot of laundry room and garage

This is important information that you can share with your clients so that they can know what to expect from you.

Prepare your Photography Equipment

Real estate photography requires high-quality cameras, lens, and accessories. There is nothing worse than arriving at your client’s property and discovering that some equipment is not working properly. Prepare adequately and double check your gear.

Take a secondary camera if you have one, carry extra batteries and make sure they are charged. Carry your charger, and tripod.

High Quality Camera

real estate photography tips by Mason Seifert

High-quality and stunning photos are the foundation of marketing. Impressive photos will make a potential home buyer to contact a seller resulting in a sale. It is therefore important to invest in a high-quality camera that can produce top notch photos.

Invest in a Wide-Angle Lens

Do you know that a wide angle lens takes wider shots of a place? As a real estate photographer, you need a wide angle lens to shoot each room to its fullest. They are perfect for photographing a small house.

Use a Tripod to get Sharp Photos

If your hands are not steady when shooting, use a tripod. Tripods will help you take sharp images and not blurry ones. The best tripods for real estate photography are sturdy, lightweight, their set up is simple and have excellent leg fixation.

Decorate the House for Real Estate Photography

The goal of decorating a house is to make it look impressive, well maintained and spacious. Let’s face it, homes that have been properly staged produce some of the most breathtaking photos that are superb for marketing.

Photos of a house that has been decorated inspire a potential buyer to buy a property. The property increases value as a result of being decorated and even sells at a higher price. To decorate your house for photographer, consider doing the following;

  • Remove clutter. Removing clutter is a sign of a well maintained home.
  • Update Decor by repainting your house which will improve the attractiveness of the place. You can add attractive accessories such as fresh flowers, a bowl of fruits, photographs, to name a few.
  • Fix broken things in the property like machines, doorknobs. These are some of the details that can be noticed easily by your potential home buyers.
  • Thoroughly clean the house. Mop, vacuum the carpets and dust. The furniture, curtains, windows and walls should be clean. A clean and well maintained home will tempt your customers to make an offer.

Ensure There is Enough Light for Photography

Light is extremely crucial in real estate photography. Bright photos make a home to feel warm and welcoming. Before shooting, make sure there is enough light. You can achieve this by;

  • Replacing heavy curtains with light curtains that let in light
  • Install under cabinet lighting, table lamps to give extra lighting. Fill dark corner spaces with the lamps.
  • If possible, use natural light. Open all curtains to let in sunlight

The best time to take real estate photos is daytime when there is sunny weather. Avoid cloudy or rainy day which can ruin your shooting by producing dark photos. Photos that are taken in day light are full of colors and look energetic. This saves time on photo editing.

Be Creative

  • When it comes to real estate photography, you need to be creative with your shooting. Take photos that combine imagination, unusual angles and are full of expression.
  • Focus on the best feature in each room. This can be a breakfast nook in the kitchen, decor in the living room or a swimming pool in the backyard. You can also stage a bowl of fruit on the dining table or flowers. This will add style and color to your photographs.
  • When shooting the interior, do not take only 1 shot. Get around and find creative angles to photograph.
  • Photograph during the day where there is natural light. These photos are filled with color and are admired more by client.
  • Use current technology like a drone if the property is large. Drones have gained immense popularity in real estate photography especially owners with big mansions with a large territory. With a drone, a real estate photographer takes 3-dimensional images and video.

Fly over the whole property to get a good view of it.

Wrapping Up

Take your real estate business to the next level by use of stunning images. Impressive photos of a home make it stand out and thus attracting a large number of customers.

A real estate photographer can achieve this by; investing in a high quality camera, decorating the house for photography, be prepared with a shot list, shooting during the day when there is enough light and being creative.

Photography is extremely crucial to sell properties hence prepare adequately for a photo shoot. Carry all the equipment that you need like a camera, lens, tripod, spare batteries and a camera charger. Make sure all are working properly before packing them.

I hope these awesome tips were helpful and you are going to use them for your next photographing project.